The Responsive Select Menu plugin automatically turns any WordPress 3 Menu into a select box / dropdown at small sizes

It is available for free in the WordPress Plugin Repository. This demonstration page is built with UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin, but the Responsive Select Menu plugin can be used with any WordPress 3 menu.

Resize the window to less than 767px wide to see the responsive select menu

Please note that only the top level items in this demo are live – the rest are dummy items, which will not redirect when selected

Based on the excellent tutorial from Chris Coyier and CSS Tricks – many thanks!

Admin Options

Through the Responsive Select Menu Control Panel you can:

  • Set your width breakpoint (where your menu switches from your standard menu to a select box)
  • Configure how many levels you wish to include in the select menu. Set it to 1 to include only the top-level menu items.
  • Choose the character used to indent your submenu items within the select box
  • Choose whether or not to exclude “dummy” items that don’t have links
  • Set the text of the first menu item

Responsive Select Menu is designed to be used with any WordPress theme that supports unordered-list-based WordPress 3 menus, and includes additional UberMenu-specific features for UberMenu users.